Aaron Korsh – Suits Creator and Show Runner

Arron Korsh Suits Creater and Show Runner

Aaron Korsh generously communicates with Suitors, sharing valuable advice about his own experiences and as long as he is not asked for spoilers about upcoming episodes or story arcs, he happily shares information about Suits.

A quick background.

His first proper job was on Wall Street, where he says he felt like a fraud. He previously described himself as a ‘lazy pot head kid in a world of hard working adults’. It is for this reason he considers himself most like Mike. Korsh does not have a legal background (but did watch ‘LA Law’) he actually majored in Finance but took a legal studies course. During his job on Wall Street he had exposure to contracts.

His college roommate died at the age of 25. This ultimately shaped the person he is today and lead Korsh to leave his job on Wall Street, to take a different path in life. He was inspired to get into writing for TV because he had two college friends who became successful TV writers and thought ‘if they can do it then maybe I can’ although he did not start writing until the age of 31.

His first job in TV was in 1998 with ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ where he is billed as Production Staff. In 2000 Korsh wrote one episode called ‘Faries’ it aired in the US on 19 February 2000. He finished working on the show in 2000.

He worked as an Assistant writer on ‘Just Shoot Me’ from October 2002 to November 2003. Again he wrote a single episode called ‘The Last Temptation for Elliot’ it aired on 19 August 2003.

Between then and Suits Korsh was a staff writer for:

‘Love Inc’, ‘Notes From the Underbelly’, and ‘The Deep End’.

Korsh did not pitch Suits to networks, he wrote a spec script and Suits was picked up by USA Network.


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