Random Suits Facts

Korsh cameo on 201 – ‘She Knows’

Korsh did a cameo on Suits – 201 – ‘She Knows’. He is the guy standing in front Harvey Specter when Harvey and Mike walk in on Hardman.

The most memorable fan experience is so far for Korsh is when Henry Winkler tweets him. Follow the Fonz on twitter @hwinkler4real.

Korsh would consider a movie project but after Suits. He thinks it highly unlikely that there would be a Suits movie.

The decision to fire Donna as made by Jon Cowan, Korsh agreed and decided that Donna should destroy the memo.

If you send a friend request to Korsh on Facebook he won’t accept it if he does not know you as his account is for personal use only.

Suits Show Runner, Korsh doesn’t visit the cast as often as he would like. He has so far only been on set for 3 weeks during Season 2, but is looking to do another set visit in October for a few weeks.

Poorly is the best way to describe how Korsh deals with writers block and in silence is how he prefers to write.

The most challenging part of the job is keeping up with the quality of the show on a schedule. Because of this Korsh has a love/hate relationship with Suits and writing.

Mikes eidetic memory is embedded in his character which is why it is not highlighted in every scene.

The movie quotes which are present throughout each episode of Suits are usually scripted.

Season 2 has seen the emergence of Donna, Louis, and Rachel’s characters at the forefront of the show. The decision to do this was to ensure the show was broaden and developed forward.


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