Writing on Suits

Random facts about writing on Suits

  • Including Korsh five staff writers who worked on Season 1 of Suits returned for Season 2. There are now eight writers working on Suits. They have very collaborative writing staff on the show.
  • The writing staff comes up with the ideas for the episodes, however Korsh helps out at various points in the process.
  • During the writing of Suits very little research into the law is done.
  • The average age of Suits writing staff is 39.5.
  • Rewriting of the episodes sometimes happen during the shooting of the episode, but more often it is carried out later in the Season.
  • The writer of the episode is usually on set during the filming.
  • Korsh chooses writers for Suits based on the body of their work, reading their work, interview, reference checking and the all important ‘leap of faith’.
  • The writers write for the show and continuing story / character development not for a particular actor.

Suits writers found on Twitter Erica Lipez @EricaLipez , Rk Muirragui


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