Random Suits Facts

Suits Creator and Show Runner Aaron Korsh is a regular on twitter answering Suitors questions. But he is always being asked similar questions. So here is a brief review of the answers to those questions about Suits. Follow Korsh on Twitter @akorsh9

  • Aaron Korsh started developing the idea of Suits in January 2008
  • The working title for Suits was ‘A Legal Mind’. Korsh did not have a title planned for the show but does like Suits.
  • Aaron Korsh named all the main characters on Suits.
  • Suits was inspired by Korsh time working on Wall Street and his life experiences.
  • A decision was made at the end of Season 1 that viewers would meet Daniel Hardman. Canadian actor Victor Garber played Daniel in the pilot of suits, however he was not chosen to play the character in Season 2 due to a change in character concept. David Constable was cast as the role of Daniel Hardman to carry the character forward in Season 2 after a brilliant audition.
  • Aaron Korsh loves the opening credits
  • About 4 minutes is cut out of every episode to make them tighter. They have never scrapped an entire episode, but do scrap scenes and most episodes go though large changes.
  • It was the networks decision to split Season 2 into two parts. Korsh would much rather have one run of 13 episodes.
  • It generally costs more to shoot on location than on set. For Season 2 they only filmed for a few days on location in New York. The vast majority of filming takes place in Toronto. Korsh and Macht would rather film in New York however the network chooses Toronto due to costs and because it does a better job at dubbing for NY.
  • Seven business days – the amount of time it takes to shoot one episode.
  • Gina Torres character, Jessica Pearson, was originally called Katherine, but the network changed the name because they already had two lead female characters called Kate.
  • Eric Close, who plays reoccurring guest star, Travis Tanner (Harvey’s nemesis) did not audition for the role of Harvey Specter, however if he had of done, he might have been considered for the role.
  • The flashback episode ‘Rewind’ in Season 2 was done because Korsh wanted to see if they could make it episode worthy.

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